Donating is easy and your support is appreciated

So, if the entire infrastructure has been completed, what do the volunteers do now?

Carry on – is the answer! Our enthusiastic group has no intention of taking our ‘foot off the gas’ and we have many ideas and projects that we are looking forward to implementing, continuing to improve the habitat. BUT, this is only half of our work: NOW we have to begin to SAVE for the future.

Don’t make the same mistake again!

In 15 years’ time, we don’t want the Havens to find itself back where it was in 2014 with an important route that connects the village, which is enjoyed by school children, walkers & naturalists, CLOSED due to safety fears & inadequate maintenance!

Start Saving Now!

We are lucky enough to have a genuine community spirit and know we can call for help from our group of volunteers to undertake regular upkeep. We also have a galvanized steel frame that is set to last. However, the Gripdeck walkway, kickboards and handrails will, after time and weather, require replacing (and yes, even one day the steel frame too!).

Our objective at Support the Boardwalk is two-fold:

1. Fundraise to Preserve – raise funds that will be set aside and saved so that in 10-15 years’ time The Havens are in a position to refurbish/replace the boardwalk.

AIM: to raise & save £20,000 in 10 years – that’s just £5.50 a day!

Ideas include: Encourage locals & visitors to support this endeavor with • Regular annual contributions • One-off gift donations

2. Fundraise to Enhance and add amenities – Projects that will benefit from include:

  • a unique birdwatching screen
  • an area conducive to Ducks & Swans
  • a Nectar Café to encourage pollinating insects
  • further cultivation & Management of the meadow area with native plants
  • a mobile app to engage visitors in the heritage & flora & fauna of the habitat
  • update the interpretative boards with ‘History Narration Buttons’ and information about how the habitat is managed

JOIN UP! If you use, appreciate & enjoy the Slash Pond Boardwalk habitat, or simply have a love for the Havens, please consider making a donation or setting up a regular annual or monthly donation into the Support the Boardwalk bank account.

How to set up a Donation – Visit your bank or Post office and ask them to set up a STANDING ORDER. Or use online banking for a one-off gift donation:

Our account is : Support the Boardwalk 

Sort Code: 20-37-82 Account: 33565890  Barclays bank

Important ! Please use the reference: Fund2Preserve

JOIN IN! If these activities interest you, or you have some expert knowledge – please join group! Volunteers will tell you they have made great friends by doing the same thing! We meet on Mondays at 7pm

There are other ways to support the boardwalk – buy a gift!

We have lots of promotional gift items: t-shirts, tea towels and handicrafts, and our own unique Birds of the Boardwalk Notelets:

tshirts1 IMG_2655mug and notelets

Birds of the Boardwalk Notelets

The artwork for the notelets is by our very own volunteer David Meanwell, who resides in Broad Haven. There are two series: ‘summer’ & ‘winter’ birds. Each pack contains 6 notelets with envelopes. £3.oo per pack


Buy-a-Board! A unique way to support the boardwalk. It’s easy and secure. Click here.


To purchase any of the above, please email Support the Boardwalk.