Junior Boardwalk Rangers

Investing in the future
Since completing the refurbishment of the Slash Pond Boardwalk nature trail, Support the Boardwalk volunteers are keen to encourage the next generation of custodians for the boardwalk.
“The boardwalk closed in 2014 and we don’t want that to happen again!” said volunteer Linda. “We also need to raise awareness of the habitat at the Slash Pond and how important it is to pick up litter – it’s a popular route to school and dog poop is just not acceptable!”
Working with Broad Haven Primary School’s Eco Group, we asked Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Ranger Hayley and Tidy Wales Ranger Mari to help us. Hayley & Mari took the children regularly to the Slash Pond Boardwalk habitat where they took part in bug boxe making, meadow management, and pond dipping. During the sessions the children learnt about how to look after the environment.
They are now fully fledged JUNIOR BOARDWALK RANGERS!
At Broad Haven Primary School on October 19th 2016, Support the Boardwalk volunteers David, Sylvia, Mari and Lynn attended an assembly and presented the Junior Boardwalk Rangers with their caps and Ranger Promise cards!
“The school is right behind the initiative,” reported David, “and we are so grateful and the kids appear very proud!” 

This initiative will continue to work with environmental partners & experts and arrange sessions that the children can attend to improve their understanding of our impact on the environment, and how volunteering can be a fun way to participate in, and improve, community spirit.