Located in Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire, West Wales:

An alternative to the traditional Broad Haven beach walk, the Slash Pond Boardwalk offers sheltered seclusion! Over 275 metres of non-slip, paw friendly decking walkway, surrounding a serene pond in a habitat that supports a wildflower meadow, a picnic area, willow dens, bug houses and bat & bird nesting boxes. If you stay in the Havens – a visit is a must 🙂

It truly offers something for everybody!

…Reedbeds and meadow grassland, surround the calm water. Rest awhile and admire the lilies & the view over the Slash Pond …an excellent vantage point to watch the birds flying over the water. Listen to the house sparrows chattering & willow warblers singing…

Bring along a small net and enjoy the especially designed pond-dipping deck and then test yourself with the Nature Trail Quiz! The area offers a circular route of approximately 1/2 a mile, which is accessible to mobility scooters, wheelchairs & pushchairs.

LOCATION: The Slash Pond Boardwalk and surrounding habitat can be found using postcode SA62 3JU.

PARKING: This is free at the Trafalgar Terrace car park (with a donation box for local causes). On Broad Haven’s seafront, turn off the main road at the Galleon Inn and head away from the beach. The car park is 1/4 of a mile on the left. Once parked, leave the car park, turn left, and follow the pavement for 30 yards to the main boardwalk entrance.

DOGS: These are welcome, but as the boardwalk is a safe route to school, used by many children, it is imperative that dog mess is cleared and removed. Thank you.



Support the Boardwalk (STB) is an independent voluntary association established in 2014. The STB group is a sub-group of the constituted Havens Community Forum and will continue to fund raise and apply for grant funding to further enhance the boardwalk & widen its appeal for all visitors.

Constitution 2017

A grant in 2015 from SITA Trust and a donation from the landowners in 2016 together enabled the group to refurbish the entire boardwalk with non-slip decking. The pathways leading from the boardwalk to the picnic meadow have also been improved.

This volunteer group is committed to helping to protect, conserve and enhance the Slash Pond Boardwalk in Broad Haven for all to enjoy. Membership of the group is open to all.



The work of the group includes:

  • organising work parties for practical conservation work on footpaths, signposts, landscaping
  • fundraising
  • monitoring and lobbying on threats to the Slash Pond Boardwalk
  • collaborating with organisations, such as the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, Keep Wales Tidy, PLANED, PAVs and The Havens Community Council, to make its voice more effective
  • encouraging everyone to widen their enjoyment of the Havens by promoting the benefits of a nature walk as well as a beach
  • helping children and visitors to understand the historical aspects of the area by sponsoring publications (such as an adventure booklet), a map, information boards and signs.



Who benefits from the Slash Pond Boardwalk?

  • the general public; it is in the interests of the social welfare of everyone to improve and maintain this open space
  • school children and young people from local youth organisations
  • charities or voluntary groups that may partake in outdoor activities
  • tourists and visitors to the area
  • users with additional needs, through onsite parking, wheelchair access and sensory areas
  • wildlife – many diverse species will enjoy a protected and managed habitat
  • dog walkers
  • local businesses.



The group has begun and will continue to:

  • initiate and raise awareness of the need to repair and maintain the area and prevent closure
  • provide volunteer human resources to raise funds, undertake repair, and maintain the area to a good standard.
  • co-ordinate volunteers and employ professionals to repair improve and maintain the existing boardwalk structure
  • give advice and information on the history of the local area by maintaining information boards
  • attract visitors to the area by promoting an accessible nature trail ideal for bird and wildlife spotting
  • maintain an accessible outdoor learning space with seating for local school children and community groups
  • encourage local school children to walk to school from nearby housing via a safe walkway
  • promote use of the existing seating area for picnics and outdoor play by all through signposting.


This beautiful, popular amenity will benefit from a group of enthusiastic volunteers taking good care of it!

YOUR DONATIONS are received with the greatest of thanks and can be handed in at the Londis Post Office (cheques made payable to “Support The Boardwalk”) – cheques should be made payable to “Support The Boardwalk”. Or you can donate while you visit using our donation box! Thank you.