Risk Assessments

Volunteer Safety – The safety of the volunteers that work at the Slashpond Boardwalk is important and that’s why we have a Volunteer Insurance Policy with Keep Wales Tidy

Activities –  A risk assessment is an exercise that determines the potential risks, identifies the control measures in place, and states any further action that needs to be taken to improve safety.  Risk assessments are completed and reviewed as each activity is undertaken. At each outdoor working event we do an Outdoor Working event risk assessment template, which is then scanned and uploaded to this website. Similarly, when relevant, we do a Litter Picking risk assessment template, to also scan and upload.

Infrastructure – The boardwalk is regularly assessed for any risks that may be a danger to the public. Please find our Risk Assessment blank to use here.

Risk Assessment Volunteers  (Updated 01.02.2021). 

A team of boardwalk volunteers manage the risk assessment task as required.  Thanks to Bob Markham for his efforts in this aspect and for co-ordinating, when needed & as available, others including – Andrew Cowley, Ben Dare, Lewis Gee, Les Reohorn & Karen Riggs.  Thank you all.

Note to those involved: Please scan and email the completed RA form to boardwalkgang@gmail.com

Other task assessments include: