Boardwalk or Bust

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Boardwalk or Bust?!Meeting May 12th 2014 Galleon Inn {upstairs room}
Proving the power of Facebook, email and general ‘spreading the word’ an exceptional turnout – HUGE THANKS to the 27 people who attended the meeting .
A large group of people, many of whom were able to make comment, but some of whom may have felt that they were unheard.
With this in mind, it was suggested that at the next meeting to be held at The Galleon Inn [upstairs] on Monday 19th May at 7:30pm , the larger group would split into manageable ‘interest’ teams, such as:
• Practical ‘Handyworkers’ team : whose role may be to actually walk & assess the boardwalk, designate sections for repair, obtain quotations for materials & arrange working parties.
• Fundraising Team: whose role would be to advertise the cause, arrange events, etc. and raise funds to pay for the [initial?] materials required as per the quotes obtained above. Raise further monies to matchfund grants and cover the on-going annual maintenance costs.
• A Grant Funding Team; whose role would be to investigate potential funding pots to apply for.