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Fancy applying for an Award for our work as Support The Boardwalk?

Hi All The link below has the details of the award and it may be nice to apply and see if we can get some recognition for tidying up the boardwalk – remember what a shambles it was when it was closed this time last year – and how fab it looks now! If you fancy a go at applying , have a read and let me know – the deadline isn’t until 31st October – so we can discuss


We secured Public Liability Insurance today with Tennyson, who specialise is such things. The cost of £132 has been paid by Les & Linda Reohorn, [so that can be a donation to the fund!] and we have the required documentation. Cover is for 1 full year , for events up to 100 people and Cover is up to £5 million – so that should satisfy! This means that all volunteers are covered by insurance whilst they work on the boardwalk.

Boardwalk or Bust

Boardwalk or Bust?!Meeting May 12th 2014 Galleon Inn {upstairs room} Proving the power of Facebook, email and general ‘spreading the word’ an exceptional turnout – HUGE THANKS to the 27 people who attended the meeting . A large group of people, many of whom were able to make comment, but some of whom may have felt that they were unheard. With this in mind, it was suggested that at the next meeting to be held at The Galleon Inn [upstairs]