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Boardwalk Re-opened

May 12th we had our first meeting and decided we wanted this boardwalk open – June 10th we’ve done it Thanks to a wonderful group of enthusiastic generous people whose time effort & persistence has really paid off. Today, members of the Practical group met with PCNPA and PCC and inspected the repairs on the boardwalk. It was declared fit for use and the barrier has gone.

Boardwalk Inspection

2pm Tuesday Group members are meeting PCC and Pembs Coast National Parks at the Boardwalk for some guidance and advice and …hopefully we will be able to Officially Open very soon! next phase …Grand Public Opening ! Cross your fingers everybody!


Kathryn at PLANED has spoken to Sean Tilling at PCC and Theresa Nolan at the National Park about Waymarkers to lead to the walk. Both can give us some ‘permissive path’ waymarkers which are white with black writing and attached to any current furniture in the vicinity of the boardwalk – rails etc.

Boardwalk Jetwashed

Massive thanks to Mike at Pembrokeshire Power Cleaning Services – he has jetwashed the decking from the carpark for as afra as his hose would reach for FREE ! Another super donation to the boardwalk efforts Sadly, he cannot reach the end from the viewing point down and so we need another working party for that – jetwashers, generators at the ready!

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