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Carpenters wanted..

Calling All budding Carpenters! STB volunteers will be busy fitting the handrails along the length of the boardwalk – If you have time and skills, please do get in touch and volunteer – anything from an hour to a day will be appreciated! Email or call Linda on 01437 762979

Huge thanks

HUGE THANKS xx Sixteen Pallets of timber were skillfully unloaded by a driver & teleporter, very generously donated by local landscape gardener Gordon Smith and his team from DOWN TO EARTH LANDSCAPING. Volunteers from STB arranged collection of the Grip Deck decking timber which was safely delivered by local transporters FRENNI on June 16th. The Timber is secured in a compound made possible by another generous donation of steel site fencing from Andrew Barton of local Hire company MPH. Many

Sorry for the inconvenience

Today saw another delivery of steel. Trafalgar terrace car park was closed. Well its seems that today there was a complete lack of village communication ! School Sports day clashed with a delivery of steel for the boardwalk! We apologise for any inconvenience, but are pleased that the car park at the front was providing free parking to school parents. Phew! We have two deliveries next week as well, so there will be disruption on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th

Bat boxes

Two Bat Boxes have been installed at the Boardwalk …Have you spotted them yet? They were made from recycled boardwalk! They are high up out of predators reach and facing a nice sunny position …. If you have any Bat experience, please get in touch , we’d love to make BATs another reason to attract visitors to this lovely habitat.

All ready for the Buzz day..

On Saturday 17th May lots of work will take place at The Meadow in preparation for the Wild Week day Gordon Smith very kindly agreed to donate his mini digger for the day so we can remove 10x10m sq of turf, so that the soil is revealed ready for the pollinating flowers to be planted. There was lots of strimming and trimming and the bug hotel was started.

Boardwalk Re-opened

May 12th we had our first meeting and decided we wanted this boardwalk open – June 10th we’ve done it Thanks to a wonderful group of enthusiastic generous people whose time effort & persistence has really paid off. Today, members of the Practical group met with PCNPA and PCC and inspected the repairs on the boardwalk. It was declared fit for use and the barrier has gone.

Boardwalk Inspection

2pm Tuesday Group members are meeting PCC and Pembs Coast National Parks at the Boardwalk for some guidance and advice and …hopefully we will be able to Officially Open very soon! next phase …Grand Public Opening ! Cross your fingers everybody!

Repairs – stage 1 – Complete!

23 volunteers – they came, they saw, they conquered – the weeds, the overgrown trees, the moss, the rotten boards, bannisters and uprights! They enjoyed good company, good laughs, coffee, home made chocolates cakes & cookies. IT was a the most fantastic effort and the boardwalk looks superb. It is still a bit slippy though, there is a ‘film’ thats developed on some of the boards as they’ve been under the trees for so long and prevented from drying out

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